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Expert Root Canal Dentistry in Indianapolis

root canal

Root canals are sometimes necessary when intense tooth sensitivity, gum abscesses and swelling or prolonged toothache occurs. These symptoms can indicate severe tooth and gum problems wherein oral infections and cavities have started damaging nerves and deteriorating the affected areas.

During the endodontics therapy, Complete Family Dentistry carefully examines your gums and teeth to determine a treatment procedure. Usually, any dead tissue is removed, followed by sealing of the tooth so it can begin the healing process.

What to Expect

Root canals have a reputation for being quite painful. The truth, however, is that root canal therapy is a process that's relatively simple and nowhere near as discomforting as reputed. In fact, the discomfort level for a root canal is similar to a cavity-filling procedure.

If you have anxieties about your root canal appointment, the gentle, caring staff of Complete Family Dentistry can help to make your experience easier and more comfortable. Consult with our dentists on the use of numbing agents or other measures that can help you relax during the treatment.

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There are several possible root canal symptoms to look out for. Tooth pain when chewing or biting, discomfort that wakes you up at night, sore or painful gums and continual pain radiating throughout the mouth can all be signs. If you believe you may have an infection, call our Indianapolis or Mooresville, Indiana, dental practice at 317-293-4020 right away.

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