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Performing Gum Disease Procedures in Indianapolis

gum disease treatment

The caring staff of Complete Family Dentistry in Indianapolis and Mooresville is proud to offer periodontics and gum disease treatment in a soothing, relaxing dental setting. Gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss and affects millions of individuals. People with periodontitis or severe gingivitis may experience swollen gums that bleed during teeth brushing. A number of factors can be attributable to this condition, like a patient's hereditary and health background.

Skilled Periodontics Dental Care in Mooresville

There are a number of periodontics and gum disease treatment options, including deep root cleaning, which is a procedure in which plaque and tartar are gently scraped away from the root. Any rough spots may be planned to reduce the chance of further bacteria accumulation. Patients may also be prescribed a mouth rinse that aids in infection removal.

Periodontal disease treatment may require surgery in extreme cases in order to correct the problem, which hinges on the advancement of infection or whether there's been gum or bone damage. The experienced and knowledgeable team of dentists of Complete Family Dentistry can suggest periodontal therapy solutions that lead to healthier gums and teeth.

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Gum disease should be diagnosed by a periodontics specialist during a dental examination using specialized instruments that accurately measure space between the gums and teeth. Complete Family Dentistry considers the amount of inflammation, tooth mobility and bleeding so that a diagnosis and gum disease treatment can be provided. Don't allow your gum or tooth condition to worsen. Call our Indianapolis and Mooresville, Indiana, dental office at 317-293-4020 so that we can get you back on the road to full dental health.

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