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Expert Teeth Extractions in Indianapolis

tooth extraction

Sometimes teeth extractions offer the most precise and effective solution to dental problems. While no one relishes the idea of having a tooth removed, pulling a cracked or otherwise damaged tooth can prevent infections and escalated problems down the road. Most people fear that having a tooth pulled will cause them a significant amount of discomfort, but we take measures to make tooth extraction painless. Anesthesia will numb the nerves to avoid any unpleasant sensations, although you are likely to feel a good bit of pressure during the process. On occasion, we may need to section a tooth to remove it. Our office will provide you with detailed after-care instructions to ensure a swift and thorough recovery.

Compassionate Care in Mooresville

Tooth extractions are frequently recommended when teeth are rotting or damaged beyond repair. An area that is rotted and beyond the benefit of other treatments is best served by removal. Cracked or chipped surfaces are not only aesthetically unattractive, but they also present a danger to your health and well-being. Another reason to pull a tooth is to make room for dentures. Prosthesis may often fit and function better when there is sufficient space in the mouth to hold it properly. In addition, an impacted or poorly positioned molar may cause problems and need to go.

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In Indianapolis and Mooresville, Complete Family Dentistry is committed to serving the community by offering comprehensive and superior dental services. If you are in need of periodontal care, a root canal, a checkup or teeth whitening, our professional and friendly staff will make you feel cared for and comfortable. Call to schedule an appointment today.

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