Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are used for covering gaps and teeth in order to restore oral functionality and appearance. Crowns are tooth-shaped caps designed to fit firmly over a tooth, completely covering it.

Dental crowns are usually necessary in situations where you have a decayed tooth or to prevent a cracked tooth from breaking further. They’re also utilized when a patient has a dental implant or to camouflage discolored teeth. Before a permanent crown is placed, a temporary crown is usually worn until the new application is ready.

Quality Dental Bridges

A dental bridge replaces the gap from one or multiple missing teeth, and they help to correct structural or functional dental problems. A bridge for teeth assists in bite realignment to improve your chewing functionality and speech ability. Our team of dental professionals can supply devices that restore your smile and allow you to socialize without fear or embarrassment.

Whether you’ve lost teeth due to disease, injury or accident, dental crowns and bridges not only replace missing gaps, they work to prevent your surrounding teeth from repositioning. Allow the caring and experienced dentistry staff to show you crown material options so that you’ll have a fabrication best suiting your needs. We also offer expert dental bridge repair should your device become broken.

Complete Smile Restoration

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